Trial Period Dialog

Wave Editor will run, without limitation, for 15 days. After the Trial Mode expires, Wave Editor will run in "Demo Mode" which allows you to open but not save files. In order to use Wave Editor with full functionality after 15 days, you must purchase a License Key. You can purchase a License Key from our online store.

If you do not wish to start the trial period immediately, click the "Demo" button. To begin the trial period, click the "Start Trial" button. Once your trial period has begun, Wave Editor will notify you that you are in trial mode upon launch. You may continue to use the trial by clicking "Use Trial" or click "Add License..." if you have purchased a License Key.

Trial Period Notification

To open the Licenses pane, choose Wave Editor > Support and click on the Licenses tab.

To add a License Key, click the "Add License..." button. If you do not yet own a License Key, click the "Buy Licenses..." button to launch your default web browser and load our online store.

Enter Owner (your name exactly as it appears in your contact information our website) and your License Key, then click the "Add" button.

A green check mark tells you that Wave Editor was successfully licensed.

Online Activation or Manual Activation?

We have set up a system for licensing software that requires entering your license key on as many computers as you have available licenses. Once the license is entered, the application will attempt to activate the license automatically the next time the computer connects online.

Since activating a License Key requires web access, you might wonder what will happen if you do not have Internet access, or your audio workstation computer isn't set up for internet access. In that case, you will require what's known as a Manual Activation. The process is very simple.

Manual Activation Required

Request a Manual Activation from our Support Team directly from the Audiofile Engineering Support staff. Review this document online for everything you need to know to get help from our Support team. In order to complete the activation process, we will ask for your Name, your License Key, and most importantly your Computer Code. The Computer Code is a unique but completely impersonal ID that represents your computer. To retrieve your Computer Code, press and hold the Option key and choose Wave Editor > About Wave Editor. Your Computer Code will be displayed in the About Box.

In response, we will send you an Activation File. When this arrives, simply drag the Activation File somewhere convenient, for example, onto your Desktop. From the Licenses category press the "Activate Manually..." button, navigate to the location where you saved the manual activation file we sent to you, and press the Open button. You should be all set.

If you run into trouble, we're still here to help

Audiofile Engineering provides exceptional customer support. You can also submit support requests via email at or via our online support request form. If you happen to get stuck, don't worry. Just get in contact and we'll get everything back on track.