Script Recorder

The Script Recorder is presented when you run a session via the "Run" button in the tool bar, command-R, or select Session > Run.


Click the "Start" button to start recording a Session. Click "Start Take" to start a take. Use this if your Section is configured such that Takes must be started manually or you wish to start a Take earlier than configured in Section Settings. Click the "Redo Take" button to clear the current Take and record it again.


Click the "Inputs" button to configure your audio device to route audio into voXover.

In the Inputs drawer, select the deisred audio device in the "Device:" pop-up menu. Use the checkboxes to select inputs. Each input has a signal and clip indicator. Click the "Configure..." button to open the configuration utility for the selected audio device.



The meters show the sum of the incoming audio via a VU meter, a digital level meter and a continuous waveform display.