About voXover Displays the "About Box" which contains application version and build numbers as well as acknowledgements.
Sessions... Opens the Session browser which displays all of the available voXover sessions on your network.
Preferences... Opens the Preferences window.
Keyboard Shortcuts Opens the Keyboard Shortcuts panel.
Playthrough Opens the Playthrough panel.
Support Opens the Support window.
Manual Opens the voXover manual.


New Create a new voXover document.
Open... Presents the standard Open dialog where you may choose a voXover document to open.
Open Recent A list of most recently opened voXover files.
Load Opens the Load dialogue. You can load document properties, characters, and sections/lines into the document.
Close Closes the frontmost document. If the document has changed and is unsaved, voXover prompts you to save the changes.
Save Saves the current state of the file to disk. This option is only available if the document has been saved previously or was opened from a file on disk.
Save As... Presents the standard Save panel where you may choose the name and location for the document. Options for the specific file type are presented as needed.
Revert Reverts the frontmost file (if it is "dirty") to the most recent saved state of the document.
Compact... Reduces the size of the voXover file by removing unused audio (for example, deleted takes).


Undo/Redo Undo/redo actions in the current document. There is no limit to Undo/Redo in voXover.
Cut Places selected items on the Pasteboard and removes them from the document.
Copy Places selected items on the Pasteboard.
Paste Places selected items from the Pasteboard into the document.
Delete Removes selected items from the document.
Select All Selects all the items in a particular area of a document.


Show Lines/Takes Toggles view of the Lines and Takes tabs in the Contents table
Show Inspector Toggles view of the Inspector.
Show Renamer Toggles view of the Renamer.
Show/Hide Toolbar Toggles view of the Toolbar.
Customize Toolbar... Reveals the Customize Toolbar sheet.


Add Group Add a Group in the Section List (hold down the Option key to add multiple Groups).
Add Groups... Add multiple Groups in the Section List.
Add Section Add a Section in the Section List (hold down the Option key to add multiple Sections).
Add Sections... Add multiple Sections in the Section List.
Add Line Add a Line to the current Section (hold down the Shift key to add multiple Lines).
Import Script... Opens the Import Script dialog which allows you to import a Script from a text file.
Export Takes... Reveals the Export Takes sheet.
Run Opens the Recorder window and readies the current script for recording.



This is the standard Mac OS X Window menu.



voXover does not utilize the Help menu. To view help related content select voXover > Support and voXover > Manual.