Support and Help Desk

Rax includes our revolutionary integrated Support window. This is an entirely new approach to customer support and we believe it will revolutionize Mac OS X software. Our goal is to bring all support content, release notes, software update and issue tracking into single window WITHIN the application. All of this content is also available on our website. The Help Desk simply makes it more readily accessible.



This pane displays a current list of all video tutorials available for Rax. Select a screencast in the left column and it will load to the right. Select "Notify me of new tutorials" if you wish to be notified when new screencasts are posted. There are currently no screencasts available for Rax.

Software Update


This pane configures how and when Rax checks for updates. To check for updates every time you launch Rax, select "At startup." To check Daily, Weekly, or Monthly, select the check box next to the pop-up list and select option. To check for updates immediately, click the "Check Now" button.



This pane displays release notes for Rax, including added features, improved features, bug fixes and known issues. You can view release notes for the newest version, current version, and previous versions of Rax by choosing an option in the pop-up menu.



This pane lists all active licenses for Rax. Installing licenses is covered in the Licensing chapter.

Help Desk

This pane allows you to submit and track support requests. The Help Desk will automatically populate contact information using the "Me" entry from Address Book. You can change this information at any time.


Your email address is used to track requests. Please make sure it is correct.

New Request


To submit a request, click the "New Request" tab, fill in the requested information (email address and category are required), and select what information you would like to submit with the ticket. You are not required to send a system profile or crash log. Only submit this information if you feel comfortable doing so, keeping in mind that it is very helpful for troubleshooting. You may also attach relevant files (10 MB limit). When your request is complete, click the "Submit" button.


When submitting a system profile, Rax uses the "Basic" detail level. For more information what data is submitted, see System Profiler Help > Getting information about your computer > Choosing a profile style or consult the system_profiler man page.

Attach Files


To track a request, click the "Active Requests" tab. Enter your email address and click the "Find" button. The Help Desk will display all your current requests. If you wish to also view closed requests, select "Show closed" checkbox next to the "Request #" pop-up menu.

Active Requests


To update a request, enter your response in the lower text box, attach relevant files, select "Submit crash log" and click the "Respond" button.



In certain cases, if you have an issue, we may ask you to configure Debug for troubleshooting purpose. You will receive specific instructions from us for configuring this window.