Working With Files

Loop Editor can natively open and save AIFF, WAV, Apple Loops, ACID, and Sound Designer II files. Loop Editor can also import and convert ReCycle (REX and RX2) files to Apple Loop or ACID files.

Add Files

You can add files to the File List by selecting File > Add...


Which will then prompt the open dialogue:


Or, you can add files to the File List via drag and drop.

Drag and Drop files to the list Drag and Drop files to the list

ReCycle Files

To add ReCycle files to the File List you first need to install the REX Shared Library. If the REX Shared Library is not installed, you will be confronted with this dialogue upon launching Loop Editor:

REX Shared Library Dialogue

For download and installation instructions visit Propellerhead's REX Shared Library page.

Loop Editor will convert the ReCycle file to either an Apple Loop or ACID file. Select Loop Editor > Preferences to specify the conversion behavior. See the "Preferences" chapter for more information.

Save Files

After you've edited a file a blue dot will appear next to it.

A File that has been edited

Select File > Save to save the file in its original format.

Export Files

Finally, you will want to export the files as ACID and/or Apple Loop files.

First, select the files in the File List you wish to export.


Then select File > Export.


Specify the export location and file formats you wish to export as, then select "Choose."