Loop Editor 1.5 Preferences

To access Loop Editor's Preferences panel select Loop Editor > Preferences or enter the keyboard shortcut ⌘-comma.

Preferences Panel


Include analysis data This option allows you to choose whether or not Loop Editor automatically adds its analysis data to the file. The analysis data allows for much greater performance when rendering waveforms. An explanation of analysis data can be found in this article from our online Knowledge Books.
Retain unrecognized data Some audio files contain additional blocks of information that are extraneous or otherwise unrecognized in Loop Editor. To keep these blocks when saving or modifying files, select this option. To disregard these unrecognized blocks when files are saved, deselect this option.

Converting ReCycle Files

Format Select either "Apple Loop" or "ACID" and Loop Editor will automatically convert a ReCycle file to that file type when added to the File List. Select "Ask User" to specify the file type conversion as the ReCycle file is added to the File List (see the "Document Window" chapter for an explanation of the File List).
Destination Select "Same folder as original file" to save the converted file in the same folder that contains the ReCycle file. Or, select the "Choose a directory" option to specify a different location.

Toggle "Remember the file list contents" to determine whether or not Loop Editor automatically recalls the previous sessions File List contents.