Keyboard Shortcuts

You can easily assign Keyboard Shortcuts to menu commands, playback commands, and waveform navigation commands. To access the Keyboard Shortcuts panel select Loop Editor > Keyboard Shortcuts.


Browse Commands

You can browse commands by expanding the categories and scrolling through the list.


Or you can use the search field at the top right of the panel. For example, I want to quickly find the command to scroll to the "loop end."


Assign Keyboard Shortcuts to Commands

Double-click a command in the list and a sheet is displayed prompting you to assign a shortcut for that item. Type a Keyboard Shortcut and click the "OK" button. You will be warned if the shortcut is already in use. To remove a shortcut, click "Clear."


Save, Export, and Load Presets


You can save your Keyboard Shortcuts as presets. To save your Keyboard Shortcuts, select "Save..." from the drop-down menu at the upper left of the panel. Presets are automatically saved to this location:

/Users/*yourhomedirectory*/Library/Application Support/Audiofile/Loop Editor/Keyboard Shortcuts

Presets automatically saved to this location are added to the drop-down menu.



If you wish to specify the save location, select "Export..." from the drop-down menu.



To import a Keyboard Shortcuts file, choose "Load..." and locate the file in the Finder.

Loading a file this way will automatically add it to the Keyboard Shortcuts folder, thus making it instantly accessible via the drop-down menu.