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Goodhertz DSP Introduction Goodhertz Sample Rate Converter Goodhertz Good Dither General Notification Center Audio Preview Renaming From a Text File Actions In Depth How to create a custom User Action The Smart Stereo to Mono Action The File Output Action The Process with Audio Unit Action The Advanced FLAC And Ogg Vorbis Actions The Interleave Action Preferences General Commands Output MIDI Accounts AppleScript What is AppleScript? AppleScript in Myriad Myriad and Sample Manager Compared The Process Action API Example Script: Mixing Files Example Script: Joining Files Using Custom Scripts Pricing and Upgrades Why don't you offer upgrade pricing? Release Notes 4.0 Myriad Beta How do I clear Myriad's preferences, cache and Application Support files? How to manually remove Myriad's preferences, cache and Application Support files What do I do if Myriad crashes? Will my Sample Manager Workflows open in Myriad? Testing Myriad for the Mac App Store