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General Download Triumph and the User Guide What are some of the new features & improvements in Triumph 2.0? What are the system requirements for Triumph? Why did you change the name? What are the benefits of using the project format instead of document based editing? How do I convert Wave Editor documents to Triumph projects? Where did iZotope's SRC and dither go in 2.5? Save Layout Details Purchasing What is your pricing and upgrade policy? Can I still purchase Wave Editor? Who is eligible for a free upgrade to Triumph 2.0? Where Do I Redeem Triumph Explored? Security Why does Triumph request access to my contacts? How do I disable GateKeeper? CD Authoring: A Quick Start Guide Introduction Importing Assets Creating and Arranging Layers Adding Track Labels Filling out CD-Text Burning a CD Creating a DDP Editing and Mastering The New Render Assistant Replacing Assets in Existing Layers Source/Destination Editing When and How to Apply Dither Actions & AppleScript What is AppleScript? Actions in Detail How to Create a Custom Render Action AppleScript Libraries Changes to Triumph AppleScript Dictionary in 2.5 Audio Units How do I use my 32-bit Audio Units? Why do some of my plug-ins look strange? What is "" and why is it crashing when Triumph launches? Which Audio Units are incompatible with Triumph? I'm using the Mac App Store version and some of my effects aren't authorized Advanced Concepts What is Analog Simulation? Troubleshooting I tried to burn a disc, but the "drive did not respond."