FiRe 2

Legacy support articles for FiRe 2 which was acquired by RDE Microphones in 2013

RDE Microphones Acquires FiRe Will Audiofile support current users? How will I receive updates moving forward? Can I still access FiRe from the App Store? How can I upgrade FiRe 2.6 or earlier to the latest version? Where can I learn more about RDE Rec? What's New in FiRe 2.6 Redesigned File Sharing Configurable Sample Rate Updated Project Format More New Features! FiRe 2: The Basics What's new in FiRe 2? Processing Input Processing Other Processing Devices & Microphones What devices does FiRe 2 support? What external microphones will work with FiRe 2? Will the Blue Mikey work with my iPhone 4, iPad, iPad 2, 4th generation iPod touch? My iPhone displays an error when I attach my Blue Mikey or Alesis ProTrack. Why? Can I adjust the input gain of the internal or headset microphones? The Alesis ProTrack & Blue Mikey don't list the iPhone 3G or 3GS as supported devices. Why? Frequently Asked Questions How is FiRe 2 different from other Recorders? How do I fast-forward to the end or rewind to the start of a recording? How do I add a Marker to a recording? Will FiRe 2 support iCloud? How do I prevent phone calls from interrupting my recordings? How do I record in Stereo? Can I use FiRe to record telephone conversations? What is Core Audio Format (CAF)? How can I create and share a compressed file format? How can I take a screenshot on my iPhone or iPod touch? Why can't I transfer my recordings using Sync? I purchased FiRe 2 using iTunes on my computer, now how do I get it on my iPhone / iPod touch? Transferring Your Recordings iTunes File Sharing SoundCloud Dropbox Browser Access FTP (File Transfer Protocol) I can't export my recordings. What should I do? Beta Testing How do I retrieve my Unique Device Identifier (UDID)? How can I retrieve a crash log from my iPhone or iPod Touch? How do I resolve errors when installing the latest build on my device?