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Everything you need to know about our new and improved website, and download links for all our applications.
Loop Editor
Loop Editor is the perfect replacement for Apple Loops Utility.
Learn more about Triumph, our pioneering audio designer, editor and post-production tool
Sample Manager is now Myriad. Learn more about Myriad here!
Sample Manager
Sample Manager is the quintessential batch audio file processor for OS X
Get the most out of Fidelia, our high-definition audio player for sophisticated music lovers
Mix better with Spectre, the most beautiful real-time audio analyzer for macOS
Everything about Rax, the virtual rack
Get the most out of voXover, our voice-over automation and batch-recording utility
Triumph DDP
The definitive guide for Triumph DDP, the only DDP player for iOS
Audiofile Calc
Learn everything about all 23 of the indispensable musical calculators in Audiofile Calc for iOS.
Wave Editor
Tips and tricks for the now-retired classic Wave Editor
FiRe 2
Legacy support articles for FiRe 2 which was acquired by RDE Microphones in 2013
Dither & SRC
General information about dither and sample rate conversion
Metering Standards
A guide to the metering standards supported in Spectre and Triumph
A guide to Audio Units plug-ins and how they are supported in Triumph, Sample Manager, Fidelia and Rax.
Red Book & DDP
Detailed information about the RedBook Standard, CD-TEXT, and DDP (Disc Description Protocol)
A general guide to troubleshooting your Mac and iOS devices and more!