Audiofile Engineering
Audio Unit Manager 2 Appcast
+ Added feature
* Improved/changed feature
- Bug fixed
! Remaining bugs and missing features
2.0.4 Mar 07 2008 Download
- fixed a bug finding old Audio Unit Manager database files
- fixed a crashing bug while deleting a group currently being edited
! Vienna Ensemble Audio Units show with no name (bug is in VSL, they will be posting an update)
2.0.3 Feb 12 2008 Download
- fixed a cosmetic bug with the "enabled" column
- fixed an issue with some plugs showing the wrong names
- adds an error if the Audio Unit cannot be moved
- fixed a bug recalling groups in certain situations
2.0.2 Jan 08 2008 Download
+ Reveal In Finder command
+ Get Info command
+ "Path" and "File Name" columns available for the Audio Units table
- better verification of Audio Units
- fixed an issue with Audio Units that had incomplete built-in info
2.0.1 Dec 12 2007 Download
* Help Desk updates
* new icon
2.0.0 Aug 30 2007 Download
* updated interface
* implemented integrated Help Desk
* updated the About Box