Audiofile Engineering
voXover 1 Beta Appcast
+ Added feature
* Improved/changed feature
- Bug fixed
! Remaining bugs and missing features
1.2.5b1 Nov 05 2009 Download
1.2.4b2 May 10 2009 Download
- fixed an issue with playthrough
1.2.4b1 Feb 24 2009 Download
- fixed a bug attempting to open the recorder while it was already open
- fixed a bug adding a new section via the recorder
- fixed an issue where playback of files not recorded at 44.1kHz would play back at the wrong rate

1.2.3pb1 Sep 29 2008 Download
* Help menu > Help Desk is now Wave Editor menu > Support
* Wave Editor menu > Manual
* improved the choosing of column types in the Import as Table panel
- fixed a bug changing ratings by clicking on the rating cell in the take table
- fixed a GUI issue with Preferences>Output
1.2.0pb3 Apr 26 2008 Download
- fixed a Leopard bug saving after each take during recording
- fixed a bug opening the recorder the second time
- fixed a bug with playback when a document is closed
- fixed a visual bug with the Inspector when the last document is closed
* updated the Export icon in the toolbar

1.2.0pb1 Mar 18 2008 Download
+ Load... in the File menu
+ Playthrough
* when single row is selected, pressing Return will make the row editable (in an appropriate column)
1.2.0b2 Oct 04 2007 Download
+ Playthrough
- fixed issues importing scripts in other languages
1.1.2a4 Aug 07 2007 Download
- fixed a bug where files >2GB would fail to open
1.1.2a3 Jul 11 2007 Download
* additional error checking for remote sessions plus new warning dialogs
* added ability to import a script (Table) into the currently selected group
* when opening Keyboard Shortcuts the immediate focus is now Search
* Keyboard Shortcuts using arrows play better with system defaults
* default Toolbar now contains Export and Renamer
* default Keyboard Shortcut for the Session Browser is now command-K
- fixed an issue importing scripts
! found a race condition where slower computers have bit of trouble loading a remote script
1.1.2a2 Jun 20 2007 Download
- completely rewritten Bonjour networking framework (more reliable connections, improved notifications, improved performance)
- fixed an issue with trim on export
- various other bug fixes and improvements
1.1.0b5 Apr 02 2007 Download
+ you may now change lines while recording (not just in standby)
+ new preference for handling line changes during recording (Inspector > Sections > Recording)
+ new option to automatically save after each successful take (Inspector > Sections > Taking)
- fixed an issue saving Presets upon export
!multiple issues with Bonjour/teleprompter
1.1.0b3 Mar 28 2007 Download
* now imports VoicePro scripts created using custom delimiters
- fixed an issue with clicks and gaps in recordings
- fixed a crash in the Help Desk
- fixed a Recorder crash when using hardware devices with > 32 channels
- option-click solos inputs in Recorder
- Recorder inputs default to only channel 1 on
!multiple issues with Bonjour/teleprompter
1.1.0b2 Mar 13 2007 Download
+ new licensing system added
+ Renamer (replaces Rename action)
+ Inspector (replaces Section settings)
+ new About Box
* Help Desk improvements added
* overhauled Export action (with presets!)
* Script menu renamed to Session and reorganized
- fixed Script Recorder crash
- fixed various other small bugs
1.0.0rc7 Nov 03 2006 Download
- added HelpDesk
- fixed a bug deleting takes in the document not reflecting in the open recorder
- fixed a bug where the recorder would re-open after closing a document
- fixed a potential confusion attempting to open exported audio files
- fixed noise in the playback of takes
1.0.0rc6 Oct 09 2006 Download
- included a preference for suppressing registration alerts (for copywriting copies)
- changed Add Section key command to "Y" (was interfering with "Don't Save" shortcut)
- table importer: will only auto-import if all column headers are recognized
1.0.0rc5 Oct 06 2006 Download
* improvements to the Script Importer table technique
1.0.0rc4 Oct 01 2006 Download
+ added manual control of importing by table
- only brought up if no valid headers are found
- supports tab/comma delimited files
- can utilize nested groups
NOTE: This version is serialized
1.0.0rc2 Sep 14 2006 Download
+ closes a lone empty unsaved document when opening a new document
- faster refreshing of the Open Recent menu
- fixed a bug with the On Startup setting in Preferences
1.0.0rc1 Aug 16 2006 Download
* compacted the Preferences>General pane
1.0.0b6 Aug 08 2006 Download
+ remote/local sessions can be opened on user-chosen monitor
+ import from table format
- recognized table column names:
"Dialog" or "Line" or "Copy" or "Text" = the text for the line
"Filename" or "Name" = the name of the line
"Character" = the character of the line
"Talent" or "Actor" = the talent
"Section" = the section that contains this line (if not found, uses new section called "Import")
"Group" = the group that contains this section (if not found, uses the root)
- columns can be in any order and can exist or not
+ import from VoicePro file format
- Run disabled when no sections exist
1.0.0b5 Jul 31 2006 Download
* "Save as Defaults" in Rename panel
* finally, a "Rename" icon for the toolbar
- disallowed closing a document when it's in use by the recorder
1.0.0b4 Jul 21 2006 Download
* Recorder's take table has selectable columns
* Keyboard shortcut for Take>Pickup
* reorganized the Script menu
1.0.0b3 Jul 20 2006 Download
* Recorder can change sections during pause
* reorganized Recorder
* improved software update engine