Audiofile Engineering
voXover 1 Appcast
+ Added feature
* Improved/changed feature
- Bug fixed
! Remaining bugs and missing features
1.2.4 Sep 22 2009 Download
- fixed a bug attempting to open the recorder while it was already open
- fixed a bug adding a new section via the recorder
- fixed an issue where playback of files not recorded at 44.1kHz would play back at the wrong rate
- various small bug fixes
1.2.2 Sep 23 2008 Download
* added "Don't show again" boxes to delete alerts
* improved 2-finger scrolling in the prompter view
- fixed a bug opening the recorder on a document with no lines
- fixed a bug deleting an item before text editing had completed
- prevented deleting lines while recording is in progress
- addressed a bug with app errors while hitting stop/start in the Recorder quickly (also addresses some potential length errors in some takes)
- fixed an issue where the OS would alert that the document had been saved in another app upon save
- fixed a rare bug that would assign takes to the wrong line
1.2.1 Jun 03 2008 Download
- fixed an issue with the Teleprompter that caused application errors on host computer
1.2.0 May 15 2008 Download
+ Load... in the File menu
* when single row is selected, pressing Return will make the row editable (in an appropriate column)
* improved sensing of text encodings for file imports
* updated the Export icon in the toolbar
- fixed an application error importing particular text files
- fixed a Leopard bug saving after each take during recording
- fixed a bug opening the recorder the second time
- fixed a bug with playback when a document is closed
- fixed a visual bug with the Inspector when the last document is closed
- fixed the "Save the document" section state being saved as a default
- updated/improved the stability of the audio streaming (recording & playback)
1.1.5 Dec 12 2007 Download
* improved support for non-Roman characters
* Help Desk updates
* new icon
1.1.4 Oct 02 2007 Download
- fixed an issue where exporting WAVE files would fail when trimming from end
1.1.3 Sep 15 2007 Download
- fixed a bug attempting to manually import a script if characters already existed in the document
- fixed a file writing bug
- fixed a memory management issue exporting lots of files
1.1.2 Aug 30 2007 Download
* strips line feeds/carriage returns when pasting text into a line
* significant improvements to network performance and stability including Bonjour discovery
- fixed an issue trimming files at end on export
- fixed a bug dragging the width of the "Sections" portion if a scroll bar was present
1.1.1 Apr 19 2007 Download
- prevents a rare issue where hardware could set the sample rate to zero
1.1.0 Apr 12 2007 Download
+ Inspector
+ Renamer
+ Export Presets (with built-in renaming)
+ Keyboard Shortcuts are searchable
+ new About box
* command-click a checkbox in the sections table will change all checkboxes
* option-click a checkbox in the sections table will solo
* more robust table importing
* import by table will now import into the selected group
* VoicePro import automatically recognizes custom delimiters
* Section option: keep or ignore take if line changed during recording
* Section option: automatically save document after kept takes
- fixed an issue with the recorder
- fixed an issue trying to re-open a file at startup that didn't exist
- fixed a bug playing back at 192kHz
1.0.1 Jan 24 2007 Download
* option-clicking the Keep or Pickup column will change all visible takes
- improved importing via table format
- fixed rare issue with wrapping in prompter display
1.0.0 Jan 09 2007 Download
+ initial release