Audiofile Engineering
Spectre 1 Appcast
+ Added feature
* Improved/changed feature
- Bug fixed
! Remaining bugs and missing features
1.6.0 May 24 2012 Download

+ new LU Meter and LU History Meter (EBU R128 loudness standard)
* manual has been updated and is now in PDF format
- resolves an issue where the app would not launch on 10.7.4
- addresses minor issues related to performance and stability
1.5.5 Aug 20 2011 Download
Build 6555 resolves an issue launching on versions of Snow Leopard prior to 10.6.8.

NOTE: This build requires Mac OS X 10.6 and an Intel processor. All future builds of Spectre are Intel-only. We will no longer be releasing Universal binaries of our apps.

- resolved an issue where meters would not relocate to main display when secondary display is disconnected
- resolved and issue where the an error would be generated when adding a FLAC file to the player
- resolved a rare issue where an error would be presented after calibrating the VU meter and then clicking on another meter
- resolved an issue where audio input preferences would not be retained between launches
- resolved an issue where an error would be presented while configuring input preferences
- resolved an issue where an error would be presented when multiple meters were open and input preferences were changed
- resolved a rather annoying error message related to auto-update and appcasts
1.5.2 Sep 08 2010 Download
+ Leq Meter
+ Leq(m) filter
+ Leq(RLB) filter
+ Leq(R2LB) filter
+ ITU-R 468
+ Starter License
* Various internal cleanups and updates
1.5.1 Jun 01 2010 Download
- Fixed effect error when enabling/disabling the Player
1.5.0 Feb 03 2010 Download

+ Inspector
+ A/B/C-weighted filters
+ VU and BBC Meters: calibration
+ VU Meter: Peak LED light (is a trace type)
+ Oscilloscope: trigger sync
+ Numerical Meter > Measurement: Crest Factor (ratio of the peak to the RMS)
+ Numerical Meter > Measurement: Form Factor (ratio of the peak to the average)
+ Lissajous meter: autozoom switch
+ gain control for individual traces
+ individual traces can be active/inactive
+ individual traces hidden/visible
+ improved trace labels
+ View > Rulers
+ "Duplicate Meter" in Edit menu
+ ability to show/hide grid in relevant meters
* Fully Snow Leopard compatible
* Added support in the player for FLAC and Ogg Vorbis
* Labels renamed to Rulers
* ability to re-order traces
* redesigned Player
* improved resize rules
* Preferences > Input
* various stability and performance improvements

1.2.12 Mar 21 2008 Download
* Preferences > Audio will update automatically if hardware is added or removed while open
- fixed an issue where minimizing the Player would hide all the meters
- fixed a crash on opening certain meter sets
- fixed a rare app error when changing from removed hardware with playthrough connections
1.2.11 Mar 07 2008 Download
* some small GUI improvements
- fixed a bug turning off all hardware inputs then turning them back on
- fixed a bug attempting to open multiple settings/traces panels
- fixed a bug with "new-and-improved" Digidesign device drivers
1.2.10 Jan 08 2008 Download
- fixed a freeze combining channels that didn't exist
- fixed a bug sending a system profile from the Help Desk
- fixed a small bug with default preset names
- fixed some visual and behavior bugs with the Player
- fixed a crash when removing all hardware inputs
- fixed a bug handling multiple new receivers
1.2.9 Dec 12 2007 Download
* reapplied labels to Waveform meter (better solution due in 1.3.0)
* Help Desk updates
* new icon
1.2.8 Sep 15 2007 Download
- fixed a rare situation that disabled the Spectrogram on PPCs after saving as a default
1.2.7 Aug 30 2007 Download
- fixed a missing scroll bar in the Outputs table in Preferences
1.2.6 Aug 25 2007 Download
- fixed a bug where particular meter sets might not open
- fixed bringing the Player to the front of all meters
- fixed a spurious error in the Player
1.2.5 Aug 11 2007 Download
- fixes an issue with minimizing meters
- fixes an issue ordering meters
- fixes an issue recalling network receivers
- fixed an issue remembering whether the player was open or not on launch
- fixed the DIN scale to align with IEC 268-10/I
- fixed an issue where panels might open up behind other meters
- fixed a size discrepancy between newly created meters and the "Default" preset
- fixed the delay in Compare Spectra/Phase & Coherence meters
1.2.4 Jun 14 2007 Download
- allows for manual license activation
1.2.3 Jun 05 2007 Download
- corrected spectral meter white noise weighting
- fixed a bug recalling average traces
1.2.2 Jun 02 2007 Download
+ Full Screen mode - fixed an issue creating new meters on a multi-monitor setup
- fixed an issue deleting ballistics
- fixed some issues adding new ballistics
1.2.1 May 21 2007 Download
- fixed a bug where some meters might crash on creation
1.2.0 May 21 2007 Download
+ BBC Meter (usually used as a peak (PPM) meter, uses the BBC's "Mark" scale)
+ Low End Meter (displays frequencies from 1Hz to 60-200Hz in intervals of 1Hz)
+ High End Meter (displays frequencies from 6-16kHz to Nyquist at highest possible display resolution)
+ Compare Spectra, Compare Phase, Coherence meters (known in some other apps as "Transfer Function", compares two input signals spectrally, can delay either channel any given amount)
+ Enabling/disabling of hardware input streams (can disable unused hardware inputs for CPU savings)
+ Comprehensive playthrough control (Preferences>Audio>Output)
+ Support for Plasq's Wormhole
+ Included Audiofile's revolutionary HelpDesk system
+ Variable spectrogram trace gain (0db->+60dB)
+ New Ballistics: Nordic & BBC/EBU
+ New measurement type: AES-17 (= RMS + 3dB)
+ New measurement type: Average
+ "Average Difference" combine method ([X - Y] / 2)
* Improved labelling on all meters
* Improved crosshair labelling
* frequency-based meters improved grid/label types: logarithmic / linear / critical / musical
* New frequency meter interpolation types: 31-band, 15-band (standard graphic EQ frequencies)
* Unregistered copies of Spectre will stop metering after 2 minutes (outside of trial period)
1.1.2 Aug 29 2006 Download
- fixes the position of display texts in the spectrograph
1.1.1 Aug 24 2006 Download
+ shift-option drag in the spectrograph will zoom in to the selected area
* spectrograph grid divides as zoomed in
* improved zooming response in spectrograph
* more FFT window functions available
1.1.0 Aug 18 2006 Download
+ Numerical Meter
+ Level History Meter
+ Gradients (more than 30 default gradients, user can add and configure their own, unlimited color stops, old saved level meters & spectrograms will revert to the default gradient)
+ Extended the frequency range of the Spectrograph/gram to 1Hz->Nyquist (instead of 20Hz->20kHz)
+ improved behavior changing the orientation of the Level Meter
+ Added Sparkle framework for software updates
* Lightened the Spectrograph crosshairs
* Spectrogram traces have an optional 20dB boost to make better use of the gradients
* Spectrogram window size goes down to 512 (be careful!)
* Spectrograph interpolation can be turned off
* option drag on Spectrograph shows difference between clicked point and current point
* meter control bar visible by default
- fixed recalling Spectrogram & Waveform Meter speeds
- fixed a bug remembering positions with 2 different sized monitors
- fixed a potential crash after closing a meter
- fixed a crash changing a preset when the title bar was hidden
- controls bar body now drags the window
- fixed an issue with the keyboard shortcuts
1.0.1 Jun 27 2006 Download
+ Arrange All - Close & Minimize work for regular (non-meter) windows
+ Lissajous -> Inverted Stereo display type
1.0.0 Jun 07 2006 Download
* improved new meter placement
+ Edit menu (for text fields)
+ move the Playthrough button to the hardware tab in Preferences>Inputs
- removed the "?" in About Box
- Registration panel doesn't hide when the app goes to the background