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Spectre 1 Appcast
+ Added feature
* Improved/changed feature
- Bug fixed
! Remaining bugs and missing features
1.8.0 Feb 27 2015 Download
Spectre 1.8 adds comprehensive support for OS X Yosemite (10.10) and improves performance and stability. Notable enhancements include:


• a new Output preference panel with individual channel selection
• when changing presets, Meters now use the same trace source of the previous preset
• increased precision of rulers and scales
• a new "Default Input" audio input preference
• pressing option will now display new "Pause All Meters" and "Clear All Meters" options in the Window menu
• added keyboard command for "Pause All Meters" and "Clear All Meters"
• support for 5.1+ AUNetSend/Receive


IMPORTANT: Spectre 1.8 requires OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion) or higher. Do not install this update if you are using an older version of OS X.

1.7.4 Jun 21 2014 Download
As we are migrating to a new auto-update system, please update Spectre by downloading the most recent version here:


Spectre 1.7.4


IMPORTANT: Spectre 1.7 requires OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion) or higher. Do not install this update if you are using an older version of OS X.


Version 1.7.4 has been updated with a new, Sandbox-friendly auto-update system. Auto-update will work properly from version 1.7.4 forward.
1.7.3 Jun 13 2014 Download
As we are migrating to a new auto-update system, please update Spectre by downloading the most recent version here:


Spectre 1.7.3


IMPORTANT: Spectre 1.7 requires OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion) or higher. Do not install this update if you are using an older version of OS X.


Version 1.7.3 resolves an issue where disabling all inputs would cause Spectre to hang upon subsequent launches and improves performance and stability.
1.7.2 May 20 2014 Download
As we are migrating to a new auto-update system, please update Spectre by downloading the most recent version here:


Spectre 1.7.2


Version 1.7.2 adds keyboard commands for the Player, resolves an issue opening and saving Spectre Sets, resolves an issue saving user-created Gradients and improves the display of vertical Level Meters.
1.7.1 May 15 2014 Download
IMPORTANT: Spectre 1.7 requires OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion) or higher. Do not install this update if you are using an older version of OS X.


Spectre 1.7 has been completely rewritten, making it even more powerful and beautiful. New features include...


• Greatly improved performance and stability
• Fully optimized for Retina displays
• Audio Bundles enable you to create groups of channels for your audio input hardware, making configuration even easier
• Comprehensive Full Screen support
• Meter configuration is now integrated into each Meter
• Traces now have their own spectral analysis settings
• Updated User Guide in iBooks and PDF formats
1.6.0 May 24 2012 Download

+ new LU Meter and LU History Meter (EBU R128 loudness standard)
* manual has been updated and is now in PDF format
- resolves an issue where the app would not launch on 10.7.4
- addresses minor issues related to performance and stability
1.5.5 Aug 20 2011 Download
Build 6555 resolves an issue launching on versions of Snow Leopard prior to 10.6.8.

NOTE: This build requires Mac OS X 10.6 and an Intel processor. All future builds of Spectre are Intel-only. We will no longer be releasing Universal binaries of our apps.

- resolved an issue where meters would not relocate to main display when secondary display is disconnected
- resolved and issue where the an error would be generated when adding a FLAC file to the player
- resolved a rare issue where an error would be presented after calibrating the VU meter and then clicking on another meter
- resolved an issue where audio input preferences would not be retained between launches
- resolved an issue where an error would be presented while configuring input preferences
- resolved an issue where an error would be presented when multiple meters were open and input preferences were changed
- resolved a rather annoying error message related to auto-update and appcasts
1.5.2 Sep 08 2010 Download
+ Leq Meter
+ Leq(m) filter
+ Leq(RLB) filter
+ Leq(R2LB) filter
+ ITU-R 468
+ Starter License
* Various internal cleanups and updates
1.5.1 Jun 01 2010 Download
- Fixed effect error when enabling/disabling the Player
1.5.0 Feb 03 2010 Download

+ Inspector
+ A/B/C-weighted filters
+ VU and BBC Meters: calibration
+ VU Meter: Peak LED light (is a trace type)
+ Oscilloscope: trigger sync
+ Numerical Meter > Measurement: Crest Factor (ratio of the peak to the RMS)
+ Numerical Meter > Measurement: Form Factor (ratio of the peak to the average)
+ Lissajous meter: autozoom switch
+ gain control for individual traces
+ individual traces can be active/inactive
+ individual traces hidden/visible
+ improved trace labels
+ View > Rulers
+ "Duplicate Meter" in Edit menu
+ ability to show/hide grid in relevant meters
* Fully Snow Leopard compatible
* Added support in the player for FLAC and Ogg Vorbis
* Labels renamed to Rulers
* ability to re-order traces
* redesigned Player
* improved resize rules
* Preferences > Input
* various stability and performance improvements

1.2.12 Mar 21 2008 Download
* Preferences > Audio will update automatically if hardware is added or removed while open
- fixed an issue where minimizing the Player would hide all the meters
- fixed a crash on opening certain meter sets
- fixed a rare app error when changing from removed hardware with playthrough connections
1.2.11 Mar 07 2008 Download
* some small GUI improvements
- fixed a bug turning off all hardware inputs then turning them back on
- fixed a bug attempting to open multiple settings/traces panels
- fixed a bug with "new-and-improved" Digidesign device drivers
1.2.10 Jan 08 2008 Download
- fixed a freeze combining channels that didn't exist
- fixed a bug sending a system profile from the Help Desk
- fixed a small bug with default preset names
- fixed some visual and behavior bugs with the Player
- fixed a crash when removing all hardware inputs
- fixed a bug handling multiple new receivers
1.2.9 Dec 12 2007 Download
* reapplied labels to Waveform meter (better solution due in 1.3.0)
* Help Desk updates
* new icon
1.2.8 Sep 15 2007 Download
- fixed a rare situation that disabled the Spectrogram on PPCs after saving as a default
1.2.7 Aug 30 2007 Download
- fixed a missing scroll bar in the Outputs table in Preferences
1.2.6 Aug 25 2007 Download
- fixed a bug where particular meter sets might not open
- fixed bringing the Player to the front of all meters
- fixed a spurious error in the Player
1.2.5 Aug 11 2007 Download
- fixes an issue with minimizing meters
- fixes an issue ordering meters
- fixes an issue recalling network receivers
- fixed an issue remembering whether the player was open or not on launch
- fixed the DIN scale to align with IEC 268-10/I
- fixed an issue where panels might open up behind other meters
- fixed a size discrepancy between newly created meters and the "Default" preset
- fixed the delay in Compare Spectra/Phase & Coherence meters
1.2.4 Jun 14 2007 Download
- allows for manual license activation
1.2.3 Jun 05 2007 Download
- corrected spectral meter white noise weighting
- fixed a bug recalling average traces
1.2.2 Jun 02 2007 Download
+ Full Screen mode - fixed an issue creating new meters on a multi-monitor setup
- fixed an issue deleting ballistics
- fixed some issues adding new ballistics
1.2.1 May 21 2007 Download
- fixed a bug where some meters might crash on creation
1.2.0 May 21 2007 Download
+ BBC Meter (usually used as a peak (PPM) meter, uses the BBC's "Mark" scale)
+ Low End Meter (displays frequencies from 1Hz to 60-200Hz in intervals of 1Hz)
+ High End Meter (displays frequencies from 6-16kHz to Nyquist at highest possible display resolution)
+ Compare Spectra, Compare Phase, Coherence meters (known in some other apps as "Transfer Function", compares two input signals spectrally, can delay either channel any given amount)
+ Enabling/disabling of hardware input streams (can disable unused hardware inputs for CPU savings)
+ Comprehensive playthrough control (Preferences>Audio>Output)
+ Support for Plasq's Wormhole
+ Included Audiofile's revolutionary HelpDesk system
+ Variable spectrogram trace gain (0db->+60dB)
+ New Ballistics: Nordic & BBC/EBU
+ New measurement type: AES-17 (= RMS + 3dB)
+ New measurement type: Average
+ "Average Difference" combine method ([X - Y] / 2)
* Improved labelling on all meters
* Improved crosshair labelling
* frequency-based meters improved grid/label types: logarithmic / linear / critical / musical
* New frequency meter interpolation types: 31-band, 15-band (standard graphic EQ frequencies)
* Unregistered copies of Spectre will stop metering after 2 minutes (outside of trial period)
1.1.2 Aug 29 2006 Download
- fixes the position of display texts in the spectrograph
1.1.1 Aug 24 2006 Download
+ shift-option drag in the spectrograph will zoom in to the selected area
* spectrograph grid divides as zoomed in
* improved zooming response in spectrograph
* more FFT window functions available
1.1.0 Aug 18 2006 Download
+ Numerical Meter
+ Level History Meter
+ Gradients (more than 30 default gradients, user can add and configure their own, unlimited color stops, old saved level meters & spectrograms will revert to the default gradient)
+ Extended the frequency range of the Spectrograph/gram to 1Hz->Nyquist (instead of 20Hz->20kHz)
+ improved behavior changing the orientation of the Level Meter
+ Added Sparkle framework for software updates
* Lightened the Spectrograph crosshairs
* Spectrogram traces have an optional 20dB boost to make better use of the gradients
* Spectrogram window size goes down to 512 (be careful!)
* Spectrograph interpolation can be turned off
* option drag on Spectrograph shows difference between clicked point and current point
* meter control bar visible by default
- fixed recalling Spectrogram & Waveform Meter speeds
- fixed a bug remembering positions with 2 different sized monitors
- fixed a potential crash after closing a meter
- fixed a crash changing a preset when the title bar was hidden
- controls bar body now drags the window
- fixed an issue with the keyboard shortcuts
1.0.1 Jun 27 2006 Download
+ Arrange All - Close & Minimize work for regular (non-meter) windows
+ Lissajous -> Inverted Stereo display type
1.0.0 Jun 07 2006 Download
* improved new meter placement
+ Edit menu (for text fields)
+ move the Playthrough button to the hardware tab in Preferences>Inputs
- removed the "?" in About Box
- Registration panel doesn't hide when the app goes to the background