Audiofile Engineering
Fidelia 1 Beta Appcast
+ Added feature
* Improved/changed feature
- Bug fixed
! Remaining bugs and missing features
1.3.0b3 May 21 2013 Download
* Rescan is now disabled during import and conversion
- resolves an issue with the display of song titles containing commas
- resolves an issue where clicking at the end of a song's waveform would prevent the next song from playing
- resolves an issue where "No Artwork Available" would be displayed over actual artwork

1.3.0b2 May 13 2013 Download
* support requests no longer require telephone numbers
* the main library is now selected by default when the app launches for the first time
* columns in the View menu are now active if the player is in the foreground
* improves sorting when two artists have an album with the same name
* improves IDv3 genre tag support
* improves support of Album Artist metadata in FLAC files
* improves the handling of corrupt AIFF files
* adds support for FLAC images
* "Next" button now moves to first song in a playlist if the last is playing
- resolves an issue where status indicators would disappear during multiple conversions or imports
- resolves a hang that might occur when deleting multiple files from the Fidelia library
- resolves a memory leak that generated errors in the console
- resolves an error that could occur when converting particular FLAC files
- resolves errors that would occur when initiating multiple imports
- resolves errors that would occur when canceling imports
- resolves an issue where unsupported files types would appear to import
- resolves an issue where a song would play indefinitely if the hardware sample rate was not a multiple of the song's sample rate
- resolves an issue where clicking at the end of a song's waveform would prevent the next song from playing
- resolves an issue where the playback position would change when the hardware sample rate was changed
- resolves inconsistent behavior using the delete key in a playlist when no songs were selected
- resolves inconsistent behavior using the delete key when the Library is selected
- resolves an issue where effects were not recalled between launches
- resolves a hang that would occur when clicking the "done" button in an effects window
- resolves an issue where playback would stop after disconnecting an external DAC
- resolves multiple application errors that would occur when changing then removing an effect
- resolves an issue where songs in a playlist would not play in the correct order if the order was changed during playback
- resolves application errors that were generated when importing AAC files with bad metadata
- resolves applications errors that would occur with the Swiss French keyboard layout
- resolves an issue artist/song display that would occur when Fidelia moved from the background to the foreground
- resolves a hang that would occur when attempting to save more than one effects preset at a time
- resolves a crash that would occur when closing Fidelia when an effect window was open
1.3.0b1 Mar 29 2013 Download

* greatly improved performance and stability
* resolved performance issues with FLAC files
* beta versions now utilize release license keys
* restored manuals
* updated About panel
- resolves an issue with sample rate matching
- resolves an issue with Fidelia remote
1.2.2b2 Jun 04 2012 Download
- resolved a minor issue in FHX
- improved performance and stability
1.2.1rc2 May 22 2012 Download
- resolved a minor issue in FHX
1.2.1rc1 May 15 2012 Download
* FHX: clip protection is now on by default
- FHX: improved reliability of the EQ user interface
1.2.1b2 May 14 2012 Download
* FHX: adds option to enable or disable clip protection
- resolves an issue where the contents of a user's library would not be retained in the Fidelia database
- Advanced: improves the stability of the advanced iZotope options
- improves reliability of iTunes Library access
1.2.0rc9 Mar 26 2012 Download
- resolved an issue where the app would crash when leaving an AU window open
- resolved a sorting issue in the Library
- resolved an issue in the Help Desk
- various other fixes
1.2.0rc8 Feb 20 2012 Download
* minor improvements to the user guide
- resolved an app error generated when removing Audio Units plug-ins

1.2.0rc5 Feb 14 2012 Download
* updated User Guide
- resolved an issue launching in 32-bit on 10.6.8
1.2.0rc4 Feb 13 2012 Download
+ added User Guide in PDF and iBooks format (Help menu)
* moved Support to Help menu
* added FHX™ info to User Guide
1.2.0rc2 Feb 09 2012 Download
- resolved an issue with FHX™ preferences on Mac OS X 10.6.8
1.2.0rc1 Feb 08 2012 Download
- various bug fixes and improvements
* Fidelia Heaphones is now FHX
+ added Monitoring controls to FHX preferences
1.2.0b2 Dec 30 2011 Download
- resolved playback issues on 10.6.8
- various bug fixes
1.2.0b1 Dec 20 2011 Download
(~/Library/Application Support/Audiofile/Fidelia)

+ 64-bit
+ Album artwork
+ Metadata display and editing
+ Memory playback option in Advanced preferences
+ New (paid) headphone listening DSP module
1.1.2b1 Aug 08 2011 Download
+ new mini player
- resolves an issue launching on versions of Snow Leopard prior to 10.6.8 (note that we do not officially support versions prior to 10.6.8)
- resolves an issue where VST plug-ins would not instantiate
- various performance improvements and bug fixes
1.1.1b1 Jul 31 2011 Download
NOTE: This build and all future builds of Fidelia are Intel-only. We will no longer be releasing Universal binaries of our apps.

- implemented workaround for a bug in Mac OS X Lion (10.7) that caused audio dropouts on Macs with Core 2 Duo processors
- total overhaul of communication with Fidelia Remote for iOS (requires Fidelia Remote 1.1.0)
1.0.7b5 Apr 25 2011 Download
- resolved issue where certain DAC's sample rates were not available
- resolved issue where menus are grayed out on launch
1.0.7b4 Apr 20 2011 Download
- resolved issue where certain FLAC files did not show up in the Library
- resolved errors relating to playback in shuffle mode
- resolved error when selecting rescan during playback
- resolved issue playing mono files
1.0.7b3 Apr 11 2011 Download
- resolved issue where Support window wasn't viewable when in demo mode
- resolved issue where Player did not reset after playing last song in list
- resolved issue switching sample rates when hardware sample rate matches file sample rate
- various other bug fixes
1.0.7b1 Mar 21 2011 Download
- Resolved an issue wherein playback produced overs under certain circumstances
1.0.6b3 Mar 11 2011 Download
* rescan automatically when iTunes library is selected in Preferences
- resolved issue playing back files with unsupported sample rates
- resolved issue with certain metadata tags not appearing
- resolved issue where song advances prematurely
- resolved error when song from playlist is not found on launch
- various other bug fixes

1.0.1b2 Feb 10 2011 Download
- Resolves a bug wherein repeat functions did not work
- Resolves issue recalling Album sort state between launches
- Resolves an issue loading specific iTunes libraries
- Addresses an application error when loading an iTunes library that has missing files