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Fidelia 1 Appcast
+ Added feature
* Improved/changed feature
- Bug fixed
! Remaining bugs and missing features
1.5.3 May 20 2014 Download
Version 1.5.3 improves the overall performance and stability of Fidelia.
1.5.2 Apr 03 2014 Download
Fidelia 1.5.2 features improved performance and stability. Specifically, deleting files from large libraries is now much faster as is loading large iTunes libraries.


Fidelia 1.5 contains numerous improvements and requires Mac OS X 10.7+:
• More reliable playback of troublesome audio files
• Significantly improved reliability and performance
• Support for Notification Center
• Improvements to FHX™
• Refined player interface
1.5.0 Apr 03 2014 Download
Fidelia 1.5 contains numerous improvements:


• More reliable playback of troublesome audio files
• Significantly improved reliability and performance
• Support for Notification Center
• Improvements to FHX™
• Refined player interface
1.3.1 Jun 20 2013 Download
IMPORTANT: Fidelia 1.3 requires Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion) or higher. Users of Mac OS X 10.6.8 (Snow Leopard) can download a new version here.

* improves audio system
* improves support for Retina displays
* includes the very latest updates to FHX
- significantly improves performance and stability
1.2.1 May 26 2012 Download
* FHX: option to enable or disable clip protection
* FHX: improved reliability of the EQ user interface
* improves reliability of iTunes Library access
- Advanced: improves the stability of the advanced iZotope options
- resolves an issue where the contents of a user's library would not be retained in the Fidelia database

1.2.0 May 03 2012 Download
+ new FHX™ Headphone Processor add-on (US $49.99)
+ memory playback included in Fidelia Advanced
+ support for album artwork
+ User Guide in PDF and iBooks format via Help menu
* fully 64-bit
* moved Support to Help menu
* improved metadata view including editing
* performance and stability improvements
1.1.2 Aug 17 2011 Download
+ new mini player
- resolves an issue launching on versions of Snow Leopard prior to 10.6.8
- resolves an issue where VST plug-ins would not instantiate
- various performance improvements and bug fixes
1.1.1 Aug 04 2011 Download
NOTE: This update is Intel-only. If you are using a PowerPC-based Mac, do not install this update.

* significantly improved communication with Fidelia Remote for iOS (requires Fidelia Remote 1.1.0)
* implemented a workaround for a bug in Mac OS X Lion that caused audio dropouts on Core 2 Duo Macs
1.0.8 May 10 2011 Download
* Restores support for PPC computers
1.0.7 May 05 2011 Download
- resolved an issue wherein playback produced overs under certain circumstances
- resolved issue where Support window wasn't viewable when in demo mode
- resolved issue where Player did not reset after playing last song in list
- resolved issue switching sample rates when hardware sample rate matches file sample rate
- resolved issue where certain FLAC files did not show up in the Library
- resolved errors relating to playback in shuffle mode
- resolved error when selecting rescan during playback
- resolved issue playing mono files
- resolved issue where certain DAC's sample rates were not available
- resolved issue where menus are grayed out on launch
- various other bug fixes
1.0.6 Mar 14 2011 Download
* rescan automatically when iTunes library is selected in Preferences
- resolved issue playing back files with unsupported sample rates
- resolved issue with certain metadata tags not appearing
- resolved issue where song advances prematurely
- resolved error when song from playlist is not found on launch
- various other bug fixes
1.0.5 Mar 09 2011 Download
- resolved an issue where songs containing accented characters appeared missing in library
- resolved an issue where clicking in waveform view where it is not rendered caused playback to stop
- various other bug fixes
1.0.4 Mar 04 2011 Download
+ added shuffle and repeat buttons to the main window
* removed "Dither" button from main window, moved to Preferences > General
* upgraded the Fidelia library from flat files to a database
* the state of Library view is now retained between launches
* added "Rescan" command in File menu which will update Fidelia and iTunes library contents
* search in Library now includes "Kind"
* added "Bitrate" column to the Library
* added anti-click on stop
* added the ability to manually reorder songs within Fidelia Playlists
* creating a new playlist will open the Library window if it is closed
* improved the dialog presented when no songs are loaded and "Play" is pressed
* improved user experience for plug-in validation
- fixed multiple issues communicating with Fidelia iOS remote
- resolved an issue where playback stuttered when selecting Repeat > Song
- resolved an issue where adding the same song created duplicate entries in the library
- various other bug fixes
1.0.3 Feb 21 2011 Download
* added confirmation dialog when deleting songs and playlists
* improved visual responsiveness of next/previous buttons in player window
- resolved an issue where playback will not advance to next song if sample rate differs from current song
- resolved an issue where search in Library did not function for Composer, Album Artist and Genre
- resolved an issue where mouse scrolling did not function properly in left column of the Library window
- restored support for PowerPC processors (Mac OS X 10.5)
1.0.2 Feb 18 2011 Download
+ Advanced iZotope MBIT+ and 64-bit SRC options (Requires purchase of Fidelia Advanced license)
+ Exclusive access to audio device also known as Hog mode (Requires purchase of Fidelia Advanced license)
* added shuffle and repeat in Controls menu
* added Genre, Composer, Album Artist and Date Added columns
* added disable all Effects in Controls menu
- Various bug fixes
1.0.1 Feb 11 2011 Download
- Resolves a bug wherein repeat functions did not work
- Resolves an issue loading specific iTunes libraries
- Addresses an application error when loading an iTunes library that has missing files
1.0.0 Feb 04 2011 Download
+ Initial release