Audiofile Engineering
Backline 1 Beta Appcast
+ Added feature
* Improved/changed feature
- Bug fixed
! Remaining bugs and missing features
1.0.3b1 Sep 08 2010 Download
* Support for Latin-1 CD-Text encoding
1.0.2b1 Mar 19 2010 Download
- Fixed an Audio File First Aid error that occurred when repairing files with unusually placed MARK chunks
1.0.0rc2 Nov 05 2009 Download
* Fully Snow Leopard compatible
- Fixed a compatibility issue between the DDP Player and Digidesign CoreAudio Manager.
1.0.0rc1 Sep 22 2009 Download
- various bug fixes
1.0.0b3 Mar 12 2009 Download
* burning a DDP with trial mode on will burn audio at -24dB from original volume
- fixed an issue opening DDP files
- addressed some noise when changing certain effects in Effect Audition
- fixed the ability to close the DDP player during burning
- fixed a few application errors with Backup/Restore
1.0.0b2 Feb 06 2009 Download
* reset tools turn off all buttons after reset action
* renamed the MIDI Clock window title bar to "MIDI Clock Generator" for consistency
* Effect Manager: sorting is not case insensitive
- fixed a stability issue with Effect Updater when addressing bad effects
1.0.0b1 Jan 30 2009 Download
+ initial release