Realtime Analysis Suite

The power of a real-time metering suite

Spectre is the leading multi-instrument, real-time audio analyzer for OS X, packed with 20 different multi-channel and multi-trace meters including Level, VU, Spectrograph, Oscilloscope and Spectrogram.

Spectre makes metering as beautiful as it is useful. Design, speed, accuracy and dependability are all central to Spectre’s design, placing it among the most powerful real-time analyzers in the industry. And, at a fraction of the price of most tools like it, Spectre is ideal for students and professionals alike.


Spectre is mind-blowingly powerful and stable. With this update, we’ve completely rebuilt Spectre's foundation, significantly increasing its responsiveness and performance.

Right On Target

Spectre has always been incredibly accurate, but the enhanced performance in version 1.7 makes your meters more detailed and responsive, providing an even clearer picture of your audio.

Beautiful Meters

Spectre's updated meters are now even easier to configure. Additionally, they are now Retina-ready and fully optimized for OS X Mavericks, including improved full-screen & multiple display support.

Everything in its right place

Each of Spectre's meters comes packed with customizable Meter and Trace options, allowing you to build around your own workflow and metering environments.

Best of all, they're neatly contained in popover menus, meaning Spectre keeps your workspace free of clutter and confusing menus.

20 beautifully designed meters


Level History




Low End

High End





LU History



Power Balance



Compare Spectra

Compare Phase


Essential metering tools for any audio professional

Producers &

From monitoring phase relationships and stereo width to quantifying loudness to visualizing the frequencies of your mixes, Spectre provides producers and engineers with a true and thorough analysis of their audio, helping to prepare mixes for all listening environments—online streaming, stereo or 5.1 surround, stadiums, you name it.

Post & Broadcast

Use Spectre’s meters to comply with industry standards, both general (Level and Loudness) and highly specific (EBU R-128 and ITU-R BS.1770). Level, Lissajous, Correlation, LU and LU History meters are all essential tools for removing clipping, perfecting how a voice-over performance sits in the mix and ensuring your audio is ready to be heard by the world.

Composers &
Sound Designers

Whether you’re designing sound effects for a game or arranging a full orchestra, Spectre allows you to visualize and craft your soundscapes, both musical and non-musical. Perfect the frequency responses of the low rumbles. Isolate and highlight that solo violinist. Perfect the atmosphere you’re crafting by understanding even the most minute details of your audio.

Filmmakers &
Video Editors

Monitor and normalize audio loudness from the beginning to the end of your editing project. Or go even further and use the Correlation and Lissajous meters to ensure capability with mono televisions. Best of all, Spectre’s individual metering windows allow you to enable only the most relevant meters, keeping your workspace clutter-free.

Priced at just $79.99, Spectre offers all the power of a complete metering suite at a fraction of the price

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Get started with Spectre Student

Now on sale for $49.99

Spectre Student is a collection of the 8 most essential meters for any audio student or educator. Spectre Student includes the Waveform, Numerical, Oscilloscope, Lissajous, Spectrograph, Spectrogram, VU and Level meters.

Spectre Student can be upgraded to the complete version of Spectre at any time - you simply pay the difference.