Sample Manager

Batch Audio Processor

OS 10.6.8+

The quintessential batch audio file processor for Mac

Industry-Best SRC & Dither

We've partnered with iZotope™ and powered Sample Manager with their highly customizable 64-bit SRC™ and incredibly musical MBIT+™ dither. This ensures that Sample Manager delivers the highest fidelity and best value.

AppleScript & Automator Support

AppleScript is the language of automation for Mac OS X. Sample Manager is the only audio batch processor to fully support AppleScript, Apple's powerful English-like scripting language. This means that you can utilize AppleScript to build detailed workflows using Sample Manager with other AppleScriptable applications and Mac OS X itself.

An Action for Everything

Packed with over 70 actions, Sample Manager is hands-down the most powerful and full-featured audio batch processor available today. Rename, change gain, fade, trim and process until your heart is content. Link your Actions together as Workflows and with a single click apply complex processes to as many audio files as you like.

Use Your Favorite Effects

Sample Manager even allows you to process files with your favorite effects! Use the "Process with Effect" Action and choose between Audio Unit and VST plugins.

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Sample Manager is now Myriad

Myriad 4.0 Coming In 2015

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