Welcome To Our New Blog!

Ahoy! I’m pleased to welcome you to our brand new blog (RSS). We will use this space not only to keep you updated on official Audiofile Engineering news, but also to share thoughts, ideas, sounds, links and other stuff that speaks to our curious nature — and, hopefully, to yours as well. We’ve been very, very busy over the last 18 months, so I’d like to start by letting everyone know what we’ve been up to.

We’re continuing our crusade to connect with our users. This new blog is part of that effort. We’re also now on Facebook and Twitter. If you are on Facebook and you like us, please Like us! If you are a die-hard Twitter user, I highly recommend that you follow us. We post our new weekly specials there every Monday and just might post some giveaways every now and then. Also, we’ve revamped the website (again). We hope you like it. As always, we love feedback. If there is anything we can do to make the site more user-friendly, please let us know.

As you may already know, we’ve partnered with some really great companies recently. FiRe was the first app on any platform to integrate directly with SoundCloud. If you aren’t familiar with SoundCloud, you should be! They are a really great group of people. We’ve continued to work with D’Addario & Company on their line of Planet Waves guitar utilities for iOS. Last, but not least, we worked with Line 6 to co-develop MIDI Mobilizer: the first MIDI interface for iPhone, iPod touch and now iPad. Additionally, we developed the complimentary MIDI Memo Recorder and MIDI Surface apps for Line 6. If you have MIDI devices and an iOS device, you really need this accessory!

We’re very, very excited about iOS. FiRe has been generating great reviews and we’ve recently made Backline Calc, our indispensable musical calculator, 100% free and iAd-supported. Stay tuned as we have a handful of new iOS apps on the way. Yes, we have gigantic plans for the iPad, but they’re top secret — shhhh!

Meanwhile, we continue to refine our desktop applications. We’ve recently rolled out maintenance updates for just about all of them. We’ve added SoundCloud integration to Wave Editor and Sample Manager. You can test that feature in the latest betas. Sample Manager 3.3 will be shipping soon and has been updated so that actions are now plug-ins, allowing us to write custom actions. Look for the “Sample Manager Custom Shop” soon! Spectre 1.5 is a major (but free!)¬†update ¬†and we’re sneaking in some oft-requested features in the next maintenance release. Again, stay tuned for a new app coming this fall and major updates to all of our desktop apps next year.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot to mention our new mailing list. Previously, if you purchased something from us, you were invited to join a mailing list for the specific product you bought. We recently consolidated all of our various lists into a single newsletter (thanks MailChimp!). If you are already on the list, you know all about this. If not, we’d love for you to sign up here. This will be the best, simplest way to make sure you find out about updates to existing software as well as new stuff.

That’s all for now. We’ll be blogging, Facebooking and Twittering as long as we have something to say and an Internet connection. As always, if you have any questions or suggestions, we’d love to hear from you. Thanks!

Matthew Foust